Our modern and environmentally friendly technologies focus on a closed material cycle which means we can endlessly recycle the materials using our environmentally processes .  Compliance with environmental standards is very important to us, as you can see here. (link to downloads)

With our range of services, we fully optimize various cycles and the recycling of resources.

Our fully trained employees will be happy to advise you on all relevant questions relating to waste legislation and, we take full responsibility for each step of the process: from documentation, transportation and everything else, making the process of working with Aura incredibly easy and streamlined.


AURA makes an important contribution to closing the material cycle, because environmental protection concerns us all and is our future!

Through a combination of mechanical, thermal and chemical production processes, Aura can produce a wide range of different products from residues containing metal namely spent catalysts.

With regard to special material and physical properties, we can offer these in customer-specific variations on request.

The focus of our activities lies in the extraction of metal compounds: molybdenum, tungsten, vanadium, nickel, cobalt

Whereas our sister company based in Ohio, USA AMG Vanadium focuses their efforts on the extraction of Vanadium from similar recycled catalysts. Learn more about AMG.

Expert advice from Aura

Aura ensures an energy-saving recycling processes to protect the environment and thus reducing environmental pollution.

When it comes to disposing of used catalytic converters or residues containing metal, we are well equipped to dispose of any surplus hazardous materials.

As a certified disposal company according to EfbV, we have extensive experience in handling and processing valuable and environmentally sensitive residues and hazardous wastes.

Our quality principles as well as our environmental and safety policies are our top priority. We consider it our duty to look after the environment while providing a first class service.

Global procurement OF recyclABLE MATERIALS

Aura sources recyclables and spent catalysts from all over the globe, we will transport of your recyclable metal residues by either road, rail or sea freight.

We support you in the classification of waste and approval for cross-border transport and regulate the acceptance and interim storage of used catalysts until final disposal to ensure the process is as easy as it can be for you.

Aura guarantees you a recycling service for used catalytic converters and residual metal containing materials. We guarantee the preservation of valuable materials through closed-loop recycling which stops the dumping of any valuable raw materials, which alleviates the need to harvest any new raw materials, therefore saving time, money and the environment.