Our technology

AURA is the specialist for the recovery of metal components from spent catalysts and other metal-containing materials.


Aura has one of the most modern and environmentally friendly technologies worldwide. Since 2001, our production facilities in Helbra (Saxony-Anhalt) have been extensively expanded and modernized to reflect the very latest state of recycling technology.


Thanks to new process control and state-of-the-art technology, we can continuously reduce the use of energy and generation of waste. The specific CO2 emission from spent catalysts is constantly reduced. AURA provides a recycling service in the refining and chemicals sector, which is unique in its effectiveness.

Environmentally friendly

By recovering valuable metal components, natural resources are permanently protected in accordance with the requirements of the Recycling Management Act. Here, the processing of waste up to the end-of-waste status is achieved. The obtained products are used in various industries, with emphasis on metallurgical and fine chemical applications. We are member of the Umweltallianz Saxony-Anhalt and make an important contribution to protecting our environment.